Vintage Type

typography, web design

About the Project —

This is a personal project, experimenting with web typography based on vintage type samples — old advertisements, packaging, hotel matchbooks, postcards, etc — and recreating them for the web.

In my opinion, typography and design have gotten boring as we adopt the “less is more” philosophy. I’ve always been a fan of “more is more” and there is something captivating about the way we used to arrange our type, sometimes bordering on incoherent and disorderly — but undeniably interesting and beautiful in its own right. This quote by Bethany Heck in an essay on New Traditionalism sums it up well:

"Vintage designs have reminded designers to take risks, to mix more typefaces
and break more rules.”

Well, who isn’t interested in risk-taking and rule-breaking, especially in the usually non-life-threatening realm of design? For the best coherency and to show how much you can do with so little (and to prevent the world’s longest page load) I chose a few modern typefaces that I felt could illustrate the whole range of samples well enough.

Hover or click on the paperclip to view the original imagery, for sake of comparison and including the source.

Webfonts Used: Oswald, Krona One, Cardo, Raleway, Herr Von Muellerhoff, and Sacramento.